Candy is looking out for my interest

Great realtor!! Some specific things, almost immedately provided for me a “seller’s disclosure” on a property I was interested in. The disclosure itemized facts about the property if known by the seller. 

This was amazing to me since I’d worked with other realtors before and they never provided this. It is very informative on seller’s knowledge of the condition of the property. 

Further in the process advised me she adds verbiage to the offer that seller certifies no unpermitted structures, unclosed permits, or liens. This is a major issue is S. Florida as often these items become the burden of the new owner and “NO” often the buyer has absolutley no recourse years down the road when local municipalities or counties decide to remedy these. Unpermitted structures in particular cost owners unexpected tens of thousands of dollars years down the road. Am happy with how Candy is looking out for my interest in making sure of a solid transaction with happy buyer and seller.

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